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The GG Ring

You might have noticed that I often wear a unique ring. Let me tell you more about this special piece.

As a child, I loved wearing my mother's jewelry. I would dress up and pretend like I had somewhere fancy to go, donning her jewels like a queen. This ring, in particular, was one that was always of such fascination to me when I was younger. Of course, time went by and I had completely forgotten about the ring, but my mother had not. She had remembered my fondness for this particular ring and kept those memories on her heart, as mothers often do. After a six year battle with breast cancer, my dear mother, Louise, passed away. A mere week before she passed she gifted me this ring I had cherished so long ago. I told her that I already had one of her rings and that she didn't need to give me another, however she insisted that I needed to take this specific one.

“The beauty of gardening and connecting with the earth around us is within each of us.”

In time, as I have looked closer to the design of the ring and have noticed a very specific, yet simple pattern. There are four sections each shaped like a flower with petals encircling three diamonds in each flower's center. Each flower connects to another flower bringing this beautiful harmony of floral design together.

When I received the ring I had not yet started Ardice + Co. It was still a long-time dream in my mind that had not yet come to fruition. I wholeheartedly believe that my mother was inspired to share her ring with me, encouraging me to grow and fulfill the vision of what Ardice + Co. was meant to be. To me, it truly represents the power of generations connecting together through the beauty of gardening. I like to refer to this ring as the generational gardening ring or the GG ring. To me, the GG ring is a visual representation of:

- generations

- gardening

- connection

- beauty

- love

The beauty of gardening and connecting with the earth around us is within each of us. We just need to find our own place where we feel the connection and share it with others. Keep growing and connecting, friends.

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