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5 Simple Ways to Create a Spring Garden Party

We recently had our first Ardice + Co. committee meeting in the Garden in preparation for upcoming event, Louise's Garden Brunch. It was a beautiful spring day, but being surrounded by good friends sharing good food made it even more special. Having a spring garden party of your own in a garden space or local park is easy to do. Below are some simple tips for creating a memorable and delicious spring garden party of your own.

  1. LOCATION: Find a special or unique place out side that you would enjoy sharing. It could even be your own backyard or a shady spot in your local park. Maybe you even take a short hike and set up your picnic there. The possibilities are endless for finding a great location that connects you to nature.

  2. FOOD PLANNING: Planning the food for your party ahead of time can save you time and stress. Are you going to provide a bountiful charcuterie board, or will it be individual boxed lunches? My personal favorite is the good old fashioned picnic basket full of finger sandwiches. Maybe your food choices are tea party style for your little ones with punch and simple snacks. There are so many great choices for making your party unique and exciting!

  3. INVITATION: Send out a simple text or invitation to a few dear friends or even a handwritten note to your own children. Want something a little fancier? Dress it up with some cardstock invitations in a colorful envelope! Remember to add the details of the party and let them know that the spring garden party is a special event you created just for them.

Whatever options you choose, the greatest thing you can bring to your garden party is an abundance of love and laughter, and a joyful appreciation of the nature around you! How will you organize your spring garden party?

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